SBB Management Contact Information

Shelly Hughes
Community Manager
972.960.2800, ext. 379

4 thoughts on “SBB Management Contact Information”

  1. Michelle
    I wanted to see if you got out to 10909 Shadow Brook ln. Frisco Texas, or 10913 Shadow Brook ln.?
    David Sims

  2. Landscapers for Hillcrest Estates SBB Management doing a bad job on Warren between Ohio and Hillcrest. Grass is uneven and no edging. it is not being blowed after cutting.You can barely see the sidewalk if you”re jogging because grass has grown over it. They also dump grass clippings into the pond which clogs the fountain pumps and collects trash. Please keep the community manicured and up to the 5 star community standard. Also residents need to make sure trees are kept trimmed and not overlapping neighbors yards. Too much shade is causing Bermuda grass to die leaving bald spots. Overgrown trees also hide your homes beauty and cause yards to die leaving dirt. Which brings down property value.

  3. Please address the AirBnb party house that is obviously going on on 10816 Wild Oak Dr. off Sweetwater. Completely unacceptable for our little neighborhood to deal with, which is full of families, kids and people that just want to have a peaceful and safe atmosphere to come home to.

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