What has the Board done for you?

Here is a small list of items the HOA Board has accomplished for our community this year:
Maintenance Work Overseen
– Panels on the brick perimeter wall panels repaired using steel lintels
– Irrigation System – freeze sensors were installed
-Fountains – Replaced a motor and pump housing, research on cost to maintain the current fountains vs. purchasing new was completed
– Area around gazebo was beautified with the addition of a gravel walkway, trees, and flowerbeds
– Gazebo was power washed and re-stained
– Changed electrical companies to obtain a fixed rate per kwh
-Replenished stone around the pond to help with drainage/erosion

New Webpage!
– Facebook page
Hillcrest Estates had two great events in the neighborhood starting with National Night Out on August 3rd.Over 75 neighbors came out and endured the heat to enjoy sno-cones, pizza, bounce house, raffle drawings and a visit from our local fire department.

We had great weather for our Fall Festival that landed us our biggest turn out on October 24th, where over 100 neighbors came out to visit and show off their Halloween costumes for the contest. Popcorn, Cotton Candy, and the Bounce House were among the favorites.

Donations were taken at both events to benefit the Frisco Family Services Center. Check out the pictures on our website Hillcrest121.com and Facebook Hillcrest121.

2010 Annual Meeting updates

Thank You to all who attended this years meeting! Among the topics discussed, the Board had a few action items. Here is a status update those items as of today:

Landscape Maintenance Rebid: Process is underway. SBB is contacting several landscapers to elicit a bids
No parking at Samantha/Hillcrest corner: This is an item to be handled by the City of Frisco. The city has been contacted and acknowledged the query. No answer as of this posting.
Hedge Trimming at Samantha/Hillcrest: Landscape has been contacted, it should be trimmed in the next 48 hours
Dredging of lower pond: A local pond dredging company has been contacted to provide a bid
Sprinkler Automation: A local irrigation company has been scheduled to provide a bid

Pond Dredging Report

As one of the action items from the past annual meeting, one of the topics came up as to look into if our ponds needs to be dredged. The Board (with the help of SBB) contacted American Underwater Services. This company does dredging of all sizes all over the world and recently cleaned out “Dead Mans Hole” in Dripping Springs, TX.

American Underwater Services provided the survey at no cost to our organization. Marty, the company’s representative spent several hours on property (and his kayak!) and his report is as follows:

“…. After inspecting the lower pond in the stream system, I do not feel that dredging is needed at this time. Most of the pond has about 6 inches to 1 foot of sediment. The southern end of the pond has about 2 foot of sediment. Water depth above the sediment is 6 1/2 foot to 8 foot. ….”
Thank you

With this information, the Board has decided NOT to dredge the pond. Plans to revisit the dredging topic will be scheduled to be re-visited in a few years.

Home Owner Association, Frisco, TX