Calloway’s Yard of the Month Program


Calloway's Yard of the Month Program

Hillcrest Estates 121 - Calloway's Yard of the Month Program - Winner receives a sign in their yard and a $25 gift card from Calloway's Nursery. If you would like to nominate a neighbor's yard or your own,please email us at website@  Calloway's Timely Tips for April Gardeners: The meaning of the word April is “to open” or “opening”. This is the month of rebirth and hope for the future. We celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd; a day when we express our concerns for the environment. Many organic products are offered to help you develop a naturally-inspired green environment. There are also traditional solutions for the gardener who is exploring the “greener” side. A successful garden begins with good soil. Organic material is important to the soil composition. It helps with drainage and increases the soil microbe population. Expanded shale is used to break up hard, compacted clay soils. Top dress your flowerbeds and containers with organic mulches. They not only break down slowly putting organic material back into the soil but, the also prevent weeds, conserve moisture and cool the soil during the heat of our Texas Summer. There is a large variety of planting materials available at this time as you “open” or give rebirth to your landscape. Foundation shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals, groundcovers and a large variety of vegetables and herbs can create new hope for your landscape’s future. April Clinics Saturday, April 5: Take the Guesswork out of Gardening with Burpee Plants (10:15) See the large variety of beautiful plants offered by Burpee Home Gardens! Saturday, April 12: Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens (10:15) Enhance gardens with butterfly and hummingbird habitats…Learn how to create a garden to enjoy your own private butterfly and hummingbird show. Saturday, April 19: Proven Flowers for your Texas Garden – Proven Winners (10:15) Add a dash of inspiration to garden spaces with plants proven to thrive—for 20 years Proven Winners plants have been trialed and tested in Texas. Prefect for container or flowerbed planting! Find the widest selection of Proven Winners plants in the area on Proven Winners Day. Saturday, April 26: Simply Spectacular Hibiscus, The easy way! (10:15) A spot with morning sun and afternoon shade is the perfect location for Hibiscus. Flowers are showy and open in Summer in various shades of blue, red and white. Hibiscus does not require a lot of maintenance.

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