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Living SpaceS update – Robincreek Lane

For all the homeowners who attended the meeting on August 1, 2019. There is new information regarding the screening wall affecting the homeowners who back up to the empty lot behind Robincreek Lane. I wanted to take the opportunity  to clear up any confusion from the meeting regarding the approval from the City of Frisco regarding the screening wall. The current plan approved through the City of Frisco is the cement wall. In the process of the installation the homeowners who back up to the vacant lot will have their fences disturbed an replaced with a cement wall. The living screen is the item up for vote at the P&Z meeting.

Homeowners will need to attend this meeting once a date is determined by the City of Frisco. I would urge homeowners who are affected write the City of Frisco starting now regarding your concerns. The live screening wall will need the homeowners along Robincreek Lanes unanimous vote in order to pass. Please take the initiative to attend the meeting once the date is determined. This is not a Board of Directors or HOA issue. The HOA will be relaying information as this is received.  

Living Spaces has coordinated the living screen option with the City of Frisco. Attached you will find the living screen alternative and the currently approved landscape plan showing the 8’ tall concrete fence adjacent to the neighbors with a 3’ offset due to constructability.   

As noted in the visit with the HOA directors and adjacent neighbors, Living Spaces representatives wanted to point out some of the highlights from the discussion:

  • The current site plan as approved by the City requires an 8’ concrete screening wall. The City ordinance does not allow two fences to be adjacent to each other, so the City has asked that we work with the HOA and neighbors to take down their wooden fences along the property line for construction of the 8’ concrete fence.
  • Each neighbor would be responsible for removing their portion of the fence due to liability concerns and for some property owners with pools, electric equipment attached to the fences.
  • In order to construct the fence, adjacent property owners would need to provide 5’ of temporary access onto their property to construct the 8’ concrete fence.
  • An alternative to the 8’ concrete fence is to leave the current fences in place and to provide a living screen as shown in the attached exhibit.
  • Approval of the living screen option requires acceptance from the City of Frisco’s Planning and Zoning Commission.Both the City and Living Spaces is in support of the living screen alternative.

The Board of Directors will be working on a letter for the next P&Z meeting and will keep all homeowners who are affected by this change informed.   If there is support from the neighbors for the living screen, Living Spaces will proceed with the next steps with the city to revise the site plan.   More information will be provided as obtained.     Thanks.  

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