Calloway’s June Yard of the Month Honors – 10809 Turtle Creek

Congrats to Hillcrest Estates 121 residents of 10809 Turtle Creek  for  Calloway’s June Yard of the Month Honors. They will receive a $25 gift card from Calloway’s Nursery. If you would like to nominate a neighbor’s yard or your own, email us at aggieang@hotmail.comDSC_0420

Timely Tips for June Gardeners:

It’s getting hotter and summer time activities are getting into full swing. June brings both the opportunity to plant summer color, and the routine garden maintenance of mowing and weeding.
Keep up with the mowing so you don’t have to bag the clippings. Mow every 5 to 6 days instead of every 7 to 10 days and let the clippings fall back into the lawn recycles nutrients but does not promote thatch. Keep the mower blade sharpened.

Mulching is the best way to conserve moisture in the landscape. A three to four inch layer over the root zone retains moisture, keeps the soil cooler and helps prevent weeds.
June is a great month for setting out colorful summer annuals. Marigolds, Salvia, Petunias, Verbena, Cockscombs and Celosia are great in sunny locations. Color for the shady areas includes Caladiums, Coleus, Impatiens and Begonias.
Make your landscape a bird-friendly one by fulfill all of a wild bird’s basic needs, food, shelter, water and nesting sites. The best types of plants to use to attract local birds are the plants they are most familiar with. Native landscaping uses local and regional trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses, and those are the same plants that birds recognize as rich food sources and appropriate shelter.

Free Clinics at your nearest Calloway’s or Cornelius Nursery!

Saturday, June 21: Summer Lawncare: Everything You Need to Know – (10:15 a.m.)
If visions of running barefoot through thick green lawns are in your thoughts, join the experts and learn how to make that dream a reality.

Saturday, June 28: Heat-Thriving and Colorful Plants – (10:15 a.m.)
It’s time to freshen up those inspired spaces – just in time for the upcoming holiday.