Hillcrest Estates 121 Trash Cart Swap Out Day is Tuesday, June 3rd.



(May 1, 2014)  Leave missed recycling carts at the curb until serviced.  That’s the word from the City of Frisco’s Environmental Services division, which reports that the city’s current contractor, Community Waste Disposal (CWD), is experiencing staffing shortages.

“Unfortunately, some of our residents have had their recycling pick-up service missed, intermittently, over the past couple weeks,” said Jeremy Starritt, Environmental Services Manager.  “Based on feedback from our contractor and our residents, we estimate CWD is missing more than 500 recycling carts, on average, daily.  Unfortunately, an entire subdivision was missed earlier this week.  That’s why we’re asking our customers to leave carts out until their recycling is serviced.”

CWD service delays began in the beginning of April.  Starritt reports, to his knowledge, missed recycling has been picked up the next day in most cases. Starritt encourages anyone, who experiences more than a one day delay in service, to contact him directly at JStarritt@FriscoTexas.gov or 972-292-5910.  Starritt and his staff are documenting the missed service to assist CWD.

“Considering the City of Frisco has more than 40,000 utility accounts (40,802), the number of carts currently being missed each day has been as high as 5%,” said Starritt.  “We certainly understand the frustrations of those customers whose service has been missed.  We’re working with CWD to help them rectify the problem.  That’s why we’re encouraging folks to call us (City of Frisco) directly so we can track any service missed by CWD.”

Beginning June 1, the City of Frisco will begin transitioning both trash and recycling services to another provider, Progressive.  At that time, ‘old’ carts will be collected and replaced with ‘new’, Progressive carts.

Neither trash nor recycling services should be interrupted as a result of changing contractors. The Frisco City Council unanimously approved the Progressive contract in February 2014. To find your cart swap- out-day, click here to visit the city’s mapping page.