“Felony Lane” Gang

From: Frisco Neighborhood Watch

TO: Current Members

SUBJECT: “Felony Lane” Gang

A group of car burglars known as the “Felony Lane” gang have been linked to numerous car burglaries in North Texas and throughout the nation. These thieves are notorious for targeting daycare centers, gyms, post offices, churches, school events and other locations where people are known to leave purses and other valuables in their vehicles. Members of the group will often use the identify of its victims to cash checks and/or withdraw money at bank drive-through lanes.

In order to help reduce your risk of becoming a victim of a car burglary, here a few easy tips to follow:

• ALWAYS REMOVE LOOSE VALUABLES FROM VEHICLE. Take purses, wallets, cellular phones, laptop computers, garage door openers, loose change, briefcases, etc. with you. A car burglar loves to see items that can be grabbed easily and carried away without much effort.

• BE ON THE LOOKOUT for and report to police (via 911) any suspicious persons or activities.

• ALWAYS close your windows and lock your vehicle and garage doors. An open or unlocked window/garage door is an invitation to a criminal and easy target.

• PARK IN WELL LIT AREAS close to the building, or if at home in the garage. If you must park in your driveway utilize (or install) floodlights installed above/around your garage set on a motion detector. While parking in an isolated spot may reduce the risk of door dings, a criminal looks for vehicles parked out of the way in order to help ensure less attention is drawn to them.

• ALWAYS set your car alarm (if so equipped) and take note of any car alarms you hear going off in your vicinity.

Additional Information from WFAA.