Calloway’s Nursery – Yard of the Month

Congrats to 10711 Sweetwater – Calloway’s September Yard of the Month Winner -$25 gift card.

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Autumn is upon us!

Recharge and reconnect with nature

You’ve made it through another Texas Summer. Pat yourself on the back! Then, throw open the windows and get a breath of cool air! Autumn is upon us—a glorious season in Texas. Head outside and enjoy your garden during this most pleasant of seasons.

Color your world. Have fun experimenting with colorful annual flowers and foliage in your beds and containers. Get creative with Crotons, Mums, Ornamental Peppers and other bold, festive selections.

Feed the grass. A Fall lawn feeding is just what the plant doc ordered. Be sure to fertilize with a high-quality product. The grass deserves the best after the stresses of Summer. To help you out, Calloway’s Premium Lawn Food is available in 21-5-10 or 21-0-0 formulations. Both contain 70% slow-release nitrogen to fortify lawns with much-needed nutrients.

Splurge on seasonal décor. As the holidays draw closer, dress up your home with pumpkins, corn stalks and cute outdoor décor.

Plant a tree. A few weeks ago you were likely wishing for a shady spot. Get a head start on Summer 2013 by planting trees and large shrubs now. They’ll have time to establish before freezing weather comes our way.

Attend a clinic! Fall means more free garden clinics. Something is going on each weekend throughout September and October. Visit our website,, for details!