Texas Law – HOA Board Meetings Open to Homeowners

DATE: December 1, 2011

FROM:SBB Management Company, AAMC

RE:Board Meetings for Your Association

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas law mandates that all Board meetings for your association must be open to homeowners.In addition, the Board must provide notice of upcoming meetings to homeowners.Texas allows associations several options for providing notice of meetings, but the most cost efficient method is to provide notice via an Internet website or other media and e-mail.Notices of meetings must be provided at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting.

Consequently, your association will be posting notices of upcoming meetings on your community website, and via e-mail reminder to all homeowners registered to receive e-mail. To register for e-mail please visit: or click on the link on the subscribe to our e-mail link on the website at You will need to enter your e-mail address, click on subscribe, and click the submit your information button. A confirmation email is then sent to you to confirm the subscription. You can also unsubscribe the same way.

SBB encourages all homeowners not already registered to do so before January 1, 2012. Only registered owners will receive notice of upcoming Board meetings. It is your responsibility as an owner to provide your e-mail address to the association in order to receive notifications of upcoming meetings.

If you have any questions while registering on the website, please contact SBB, Heather Thatcher at h.thatcher@sbbmanagement.com or 972-960-2800 x. 379.

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