Pond Dredging Report

As one of the action items from the past annual meeting, one of the topics came up as to look into if our ponds needs to be dredged. The Board (with the help of SBB) contacted American Underwater Services. This company does dredging of all sizes all over the world and recently cleaned out “Dead Mans Hole” in Dripping Springs, TX.

American Underwater Services provided the survey at no cost to our organization. Marty, the company’s representative spent several hours on property (and his kayak!) and his report is as follows:

“…. After inspecting the lower pond in the stream system, I do not feel that dredging is needed at this time. Most of the pond has about 6 inches to 1 foot of sediment. The southern end of the pond has about 2 foot of sediment. Water depth above the sediment is 6 1/2 foot to 8 foot. ….”
Thank you

With this information, the Board has decided NOT to dredge the pond. Plans to revisit the dredging topic will be scheduled to be re-visited in a few years.