Annual Meeting updates

Thank You to all who attended this years meeting! Among the topics discussed, the Board had a few action items.  Here is a status update those items as of today:

  • Landscape Maintenance Rebid: Process is underway. SBB is contacting several landscapers to elicit a bids
  • No parking at Samantha/Hillcrest corner: This is an item to be handled by the City of Frisco. The city has been contacted and acknowledged the query.  No answer as of this posting.
  • Hedge Trimming at Samantha/Hillcrest: Landscape has been contacted, it should be trimmed in the next 48 hours
  • Dredging of lower pond: A local pond dredging company has been contacted to provide a bid
  • Sprinkler Automation: A local irrigation company has been scheduled to provide a bid